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  • Contract Opportunity Type: Solicitation (Updated)
  • All Dates/Times are: (UTC-07:00) PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, LOS ANGELES, USA
  • Updated Published Date: Mar 13, 2024 01:10 pm PDT
  • Original Published Date: Mar 13, 2024 12:06 pm PDT
  • Updated Date Offers Due: Mar 28, 2024 05:00 pm PDT
  • Original Date Offers Due: Mar 28, 2024 05:00 pm PDT
  • Inactive Policy: 15 days after date offers due
  • Updated Inactive Date: Apr 12, 2024
  • Original Inactive Date: Apr 12, 2024
  • Initiative:
    • None


  • Original Set Aside:
  • Product Service Code: AG11 - Energy R&D Services; Energy Supply; Basic Research
  • NAICS Code:
    • 334412 - Bare Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is operated by Stanford University for the Department of Energy.  As a management and operating contractor, subcontracts awarded by the Laboratory are not Federal procurements, and are not directly subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulations in 48 CFR. Nonetheless, certain Federal laws, Executive Orders, and regulations may affect our DOE approved purchasing system, as required by statute, regulation, or contract terms and conditions.

Amendment 01 to RFQ 344480 Printed Circuit Board



The following Addendum is being issued for the subject Request for Quotation: 344480 Printed Circuit Board


Attached Bill of Materials 


This Addendum modifies the Request for Quotation and must be acknowledged. Failure to acknowledge all addenda could make your proposal non-responsive.  Please confirm that the submitted proposal is not changed because of this addendum. If proposal sent is revised because of this, please submit the revised proposal.


The following changes are hereby made to the appropriate documents contained the above-mentioned Request for Quotation (RFQ). All other terms and conditions of the RFQ remain the same.


Thank you very much.



The follow has been attached for you to complete and review:

  1. (BAA) Buy American Act Certification
  2. Representations & Certifications Rider
  3. FP Commercial Supplies-Services T&Cs (August 2023)

Required item(s) listed below:

  1. This is for turn key of 5.each ePix10kHR PC-261-101-22-C01 – QTY: 5
  2. PCB NRE & TEST – QTY: 1


Quote is for product only; no on-site services permitted.


Source selection will be based on Lowest Priced and best Lead-Time.


Technical evaluation criteria are as follows:

  1. Ability to meet technical and manufacturing   requirements.
  2. SLAC National Lab will evaluate the Offeror’s plan showing the ability to manufacture PCB boards based on supplied technical drawings including but not limited to impedance matching, minimum trace width and spacing, back drilling, fabrication material and component sources.
  3. Schedule and Delivery Date. SLAC National Lab will evaluate the Offeror’s submitted schedule on whether it meets the University’s project schedule for final delivery. Max Lead time 5 weeks.
  4. Past performance. SLAC National Lab will evaluate the Offeror’s  documentation of prior  manufacturing and  testing for at least 2 similar/comparable  assemblies with specifications that are as close as possible to the drawings. Offerors with no relevant past or present performance history shall receive the rating “Unknown Confidence”.


Please provide a price and lead time quotation by COB 3/28/2024.

Please be advised that the requirement was also posted on SAM.gov.

Send quote to marissat@SLAC.stanford.edu.


The bid closing date for this requirement is 3/28/2024.


Is there any room for additional discount such as for Academic, ICPT, GSA, or Government Institutions?

If possible, please provide a link to your webpage for published price list to substantiate for the prices quoted.


Buy American Act Certification (BAA) applies to awards that are over $10,000.

Representations & Certifications Rider is required. Once completed the Reps and Certs is valid for one year until renewal. If you have already completed one within the year please disregard. Otherwise, please complete and return.

All subcontractors are required to register in the System for Award Management (www.sam.gov).


The resulting purchase order will be issued on a fixed price basis. SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Terms and Conditions for Fixed Price Commercial Supplies and Services (Rev. August 2023) will be made a part of the resulting order.

Payment Terms will be NET-30

Freight terms will be FOB Destination Prepaid and Add


You are requested to mark and identify proprietary/confidential information provided in response to the solicitation.


Please note that any responses to this pre-solicitation posting is purely on a voluntary basis. SLAC is not requesting a proposal nor any pricing or any other information that could be considered confidential or proprietary to be submitted in response to this posting or any part of this posting. Any submissions that contain pricing, proprietary information or confidential information will be discarded by SLAC. 

Audience: Public

Event Contact: Primary Point of Contact: Marissa Tanomrat
(650) 926-5566


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