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SLAC Procurement continuously seeks qualified suppliers and contractors to support the lab’s mission. Keep reading to learn how to become eligible to do business with SLAC.

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The Procurement Group manages suppliers, supports small business growth, and buys goods and services according to government rules and SLAC's policies. Stanford University operates SLAC for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). 

Therefore, SLAC must report all purchasing activity to the DOE.  SLAC strives to contract with the best suppliers, so we’ve made registering to be a supplier with SLAC as simple as possible.

Once suppliers have completed the Prospective Supplier Information Form(s), they will be listed in a searchable database which all SLAC employees can access.

Completing the Prospective Supplier Information Form(s) process does not imply a solicitation or contract award guarantee by SLAC or any associated entities.


Completing Supplier Registration

Below is detailed information on completing each of the three steps in SLAC’s supplier registration process. 

SAM Registration

All SLAC suppliers must create and maintain a U.S. Government System for Award Management (SAM) Account on, the official U.S. Government system for contract opportunities and data. Registrations are valid for up to one year from the date of registration. 

If awarded a SLAC  purchase order, suppliers must maintain their registrations for the purchase order or contract duration. 

Registration Fees are not required.

There is NO FEE to register with or to maintain your registration. registration and renewal is entirely FREE, regardless of entity type. The U.S. Government does not charge registration fees; support for completing your registration is also free. 

Please be highly wary of any person or business offering to help you finish or activate your registration. 

Read this article on for more information about fraudulent fees. RESOURCES:

Getting Started with Entity Registration |

Validating Your Entity |

Renew Your Entity |

Check Your Entity Status |

Supplier Information & Construction Pre-qualification Forms

SLAC Procurement has a database for suppliers and contractors.  It is accessible to all SLAC employees who need to hire for different missions, projects, and objectives. 

Being in the database brings awareness to the SLAC community of the goods and/or services you offer.

SLAC qualifies prospective suppliers in two ways:

  1. Supplier: Offers goods or services
  2. Construction Contractor: Provides general construction, pre- construction or construction services

SLAC’s Prospective Supplier Database

To be included in SLAC’s Prospective Supplier Database, prospective companies must submit the relevant form associated with their work.

Prospective Supplier Information Form 

Construction Contractor Pre-qualification Form

Database Eligibility

To qualify, you must give basic details about your organization, supplier performance, and relevant capability information. 

Once you submit either of these forms, a designated SLAC Procurement Specialist will review your submission and: 

  1. Qualify you to be included in the Prospective Supplier Database
  2. Contact you for more information to complete your registration form.

If accepted, your company’s information will be saved in a secure web database. This database is a trusted procurement resource for all SLAC directorates and employees. 

Completing the Forms

Prospective Supplier Information Form

Please review the form before submitting your registration. To complete the Prospective Supplier Information Form, you will need to provide the following:

  • Legal Business Name
  • Business Information & Location
  • Organization Point of Contact Information
  • Registration
  • Business Type
  • Socioeconomic Status
  • NAICS Code(s)
  • Description of Services/Supplies
  • Capability Statement

Construction Contractor Pre-Qualification Form

Please review the form before submitting your registration. To complete the Construction Contractor Pre-qualification Form, you will need to provide or have the following:

  • Legal Business Name
  • Business Information & Location
  • Organization Point of Contact Information
  • Valid California Contractor License
  • Surety Company Name 
  • Total Bonding Capacity
  • Safety Records
  • Subcontractor Safety Qualification Form
  • NAICS Code(s)
  • E-Verify Staffing
  • Capability Statement with Relevant Past Experience
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Insurance Information

Supplier Portal

This step enables supplier payments using SLAC’s business processes. U.S.-based and foreign suppliers must follow different procedures. 

Use this link to complete your registration.


To complete the SLAC Supplier Portal Registration, you must provide the following:

  • Unique Entity Identifier Number
  • Proof of an active, current, and complete registration
  • W-9 or W-8
  • Legal Business Name
  • Business Information & Location
  • Organization & Accounts Receivable Point of Contact Information
  • NAICS Code(s)
  • Contractor Type
  • Billing & Payment Information


Some users may experience issues connecting to the SLAC Supplier Portal Registration from Chrome and Firefox browsers. If you experience longer than normal load time or cannot connect, close this window, clear your browsing history, and try again. You can also use Internet Explorer or Safari.



Below are the U.S. and Foreign Suppliers video tutorials you may find helpful.