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  • Contract Opportunity Type: Presolicitation (Original)
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  • Original Published Date: Nov 21, 2023 08:53 am PST
  • Original Response Date: Dec 19, 2023 05:00 pm PST
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  • Original Inactive Date: Dec 20, 2023
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  • Product Service Code: 6640 - LABORATORY EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES
  • NAICS Code: 334516 - Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing

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Long Lead Equipment

HV Transformer Procurement for SLAC Critical Utilities Infrastructure Revitalization Project: Request for Industry Input 

Many of SLAC’s utilities were installed in the 1960s as part of the original laboratory construction. These original utilities were not designed to support the experimental parameters needed for science research today and in the future. The purpose of the Critical Utilities Infrastructure Revitalization (CUIR) project is to modernize utility infrastructure to provide reliable and sustainable operations, enabling SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) to remain mission-ready and enhance the impact of Department of Energy (DOE) scientific programs. 

To reduce supply chain and scheduling impacts on the project, SLAC is currently procuring critical long lead electrical equipment, including high voltage and medium voltage transformers as Government Furnished Property (GFP), which will be provided to the future subcontractor for installation. 

SLAC intends to replace the two existing High Voltage (HV) Transformers currently installed outdoor at the Master Substation (MSS). An RFP was released in February 2023 in an attempt to procure the transformers. However, due to the current market situation, feedback was not successful. The CUIR team is actively planning the re-issuance of this RFP, target to obtain the two transformers in time to fit into Design-Build contract scope. We are issuing this Pre-Solicitation to request your input on current industry lead time and trends so we can modify the RFP and obtain a successful bid. 


The following are the preferred technical parameters as stated in the draft documents for the two transformers. 

  • Quantity – Two 
  • Type of Transformer – 3 Phase or Single Phase - 3 Phase 
  • Dielectric liquid – Natural Ester (FR3) preferred but other alternate option is also accepted. 
  • Frequency – 60 Hz 
  • Cooling System – KNAN/KNAF/KFAF preferred but other alternate option is also accepted. 
  • MVA Rating - 65/86.7/108.3 
  • Voltage - 230-12.47 kV 
  • Minimum Impedance at Base MVA - 15 % 
  • Maximum Impedance at Base MVA - 15 x 1.075 = 16.125 
  • Vector group - Dyn1 
  • Tap Changer - Yes (on load) in LV Winding 
  • Tap Voltage (Primary DETC) - N/A 
  • Tap Voltage (Secondary OLTC) - Neutral +15%/-5% 
  • Copper temperature rise in ºC under continuous rated power – 65 ºC 
  • Basic Lightning Impulse Insulation Levels (BIL, kV) - 750-110 kV 
  • Connection Diagram - H1/H2/H3-X1/X2/X3/X0 
  • Maximum short-circuit current for 2 seconds for 
  • High voltage Winding - 20 kA 
  • Low voltage Winding - 40 kA 


Please review the draft specification document CUIR-PTS-0064 and identify the factors within our specifications that could potentially be revisited to accommodate flexibility in meeting the requirements with your products. While reviewing the specification few factors must be considered 

  1. These transformers will be installed at a brown field site. 
  2. Space is a big constraint, so the new transformers must be as compact as possible but meet all the technical requirement as per IEEE C57. 
  3. The transformer is close to existing building so existing fire separation/protection and containment may need to be modified. The intent is to procure a transformer to minimize such upgrades needed. 
  4. Can transformer meet its MVA rating with two stages forced air cooling (ONAN/ONAF1/ONAF2) instead of one stage fan and one stage forced oil cooling (KNAN/KNAF/KFAF)? 
  5. Is the base rating of 65 MVA an unusual size? Is there a more common base rating or triple rating that would be more standard for vendors and reduce cost and delivery time. 
  6. Is the minimum and maximum impedance an issue? Are there more standard impedance ranges that would meet our requirements, and reduce the amount of engineering needed for our Transformer? 


Preliminary procurement timeline for HV Transformer LLE procurement, delivery and installation is presented below based on current understanding of market conditions and project schedule. 

Activity - Planned Timeframe* 

  • Pre-Solicitation due date - December 2023 
  • RFP Issuance date - March 2024 
  • LLE award - September 2024 

Estimated Delivery - 

  • Installation of Transformer 1- October 2027 
  • Installation of Transformer 2- November 2028 

*Schedule is subject to change 


In order to improve the HV Transformer Long Lead Equipment solicitation, SLAC would like to seek industry input on the following prior to procurement of the above services. The following information is requested from parties interested in this procurement: 

  1. Rough order of magnitude cost estimate 
  2. Rough order of magnitude delivery time for first and second transformer unit after receipt of order. Will there be any advantages in procuring both transformers at the same time? Please delineate between lead times needed for design, manufacturing, and delivery 
  3. Identify if there is potentially opportunity to improve delivery time if an expedite fee were to be paid, and rough order of magnitude or percentage cost estimate. 
  4. If possible, please identify current manufacturing capacity availability. 5. Please identify the factors within our specifications that could potentially be revisited to accommodate flexibility in meeting the requirements within your products. 
  5. Share insights into current industry trends concerning mineral oil-filled transformers, natural ester-filled oil transformers, and Fire Marshall (FM) Approved transformers. 
  6. Is your company product a domestic or foreign end product and the location of your manufacturing facility? 

SLAC will consider industry input received in the upcoming High Voltage Transformer Long Lead Equipment solicitation. Please provide your response to Stephanie Low at <stephl@slac.stanford.edu> by 5pm on December 19, 2023. Include your company’s name, local office address and point of contact (phone number and email address) as part of the response. We anticipate written responses to be no more than 2 pages long (up to 1000 words). 


Please note that any responses to this pre-solicitation posting is purely on a voluntary basis. SLAC is not requesting a proposal nor any pricing or any other information that could be considered confidential or proprietary to be submitted in response to this posting or any part of this posting. Any submissions that contain pricing, proprietary information or confidential information will be discarded by SLAC. 

Audience: Public

Event Contact: Primary Point of Contact: Stephanie Low
(650) 926-4175


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