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The pre-solicitation notice helps government agencies determine if there are qualified vendors to perform the work scope. It provides a “heads up” that the solicitation will be released and solicits capability responses from responsible vendors. The pre-solicitation notice also helps the government determine if the requirement can be set-aside for a small business; if capable small businesses respond. The pre-solicitation notice is valuable to a contractor for the same reason and it also provides the contracting office with information on the company if they have never done business with them before.



Formal request to submit an offer to SLAC for goods and services; may be in writing or oral.  Requests for Quote and Requests for Proposals are the two most widely used examples used at SLAC  


Award/Notice to Proceed

Any mechanism, signed by a contracting officer, providing government funds or other resources to an offeror that permits expenditure of such government funds or use of such government resources.


Subcontract Administration 


Subcontract Closeout


Relationship & Responsibilities


The working relationship between the Project Manager and Procurement Specialist is one that is filled with effective communication and an unmeasurable amount of dedication to the the project. This sections outlines what responsibilites each one of them holds and how their work is the glue that keeps a successful project from falling apart.


Construction Process Definitions


This section will provide the reader an understanding of SLAC's Construction Team's most frequently used terminology.