Award / Notice to Proceed

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Onboarding (badging, training orientation-slide deck, heads up on expectation, tailgate (see page 6 of the SSSP JSA Tailgate How to attachment), workplan release sample and timing expectation, stop work issues


Submittals/Timing and format:


PDF icon SSSP - JSA - Tailgate How to Doc.pdf


PCM or replacement links (access for vendors):


PDF icon PCM Access on SLAC Citrix.pdf


Badges/dosimeter issue and returns (emphasize $500 will be withheld per):


Training required (GERT/OSH):




PDF icon FCO Training.pdf


OT request process:


PDF icon OT - Weekend Work Request Form.pdf

Subcontractors must have approval to access the site after hours. For construction subcontractors authorization requires an after-hours access authorization form <>  completed by their SLAC point of contact, approved by Purchasing and SLAC Site Security. In addition, construction subcontractors arriving after hours must be logged in. After-hours access for service subcontractors is approved case by case. A SLAC point of contact must be present when subcontractors are on-site after hours.